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CAPTAL ® 'R' Hydroxylapatite

CAPTAL ® unsintered type ’R’ hydroxylapatite is a high-purity synthetic bone mineral powder, with a Ca:P ratio of 1.67 and a high surface area of typically 6 - 20 m²/g. It is suitable for sintering into a variety of bioactive ceramic products, or for blending with polymers to form bioactive composites. Captal ® 'R' is sold as a non-sterile powder.

CAPTAL ® has a typical particle size distribution of:

   d(10) ~ 2 μm
   d(50) ~ 4 μm
   d(90) ~ 6 μm

Captal ® R

CAPTAL ® 'S' Hydroxylapatite

CAPTAL ® 'S' sintered high-purity synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite can be used to deposit HA coatings onto orthopaedic implants. It is thermally stable in air to 1300 ⁰C, retaining a highly crystalline structure. Captal ® 'S' is pale blue in colour and is available from stock as powder or granules in a choice of sieved size distributions. All meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 13779-6. Typical properties of the supplied size distributions are shown in the following table but can be adjusted to suit customer requirements as required. Captal ® 'S' is sold as a non-sterile powder.

Captal ® 'S'

Captal ® 'S'

CAPTAL ® β-Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP)

CAPTAL ® β-Whitlockite, also known as β-Tricalcium Orthophosphate, or β-TCP, is a highly crystalline white powder and has a particle size distribution, d(50) of between approximately 15 to 30 μm though if required for special applications, can be milled and supplied with a d(50) approximately 1 to 5 μm. CAPTAL ® β-TCP is sold as a non-sterile powder

Captal ® β-TCP

CAPTAL ® Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP)

Captal ® Amorphous Calcium Phosphate is a high-purity non-crystalline product, with a nominal Ca:P ratio of either 1.67 or 1.5 depending on your requirements. When heated above 900 ⁰C it crystallises to hydroxyapatite (1.67) or beta tri-calcium orthophosphate (1.5).

The surface area of CAPTAL ® ACP is high (50 to 90 m²/gram), reflecting its porous nature. It is used in applications where further heat processing crystallises the lattice once the powder is formed into the required product.

CAPTAL ® ACP is available as spherical spray-dried particles, d(50) ~ 15 to 30 μm, or as angular particles, d(50) ~ 60 μm up to 500 μm. It is sold as a non-sterile powder

Captal ® ACP-167

Sintered Hydroxylapatite Discs

Sintered HA discs can be provided in 12 or 24 mm diameters, with thickness between 2 and 5 mm to suit your needs. They are slightly blue in colour and supplied in either a fully dense or micro-porous form. Please Contact Us if you would like any more information about bespoke sintered discs.

We can also make sintered discs out of β-TCP.

Captal HA Sintered Discs