Quality at Plasma Biotal Limited

Our Values

At Plasma Biotal we believe in providing a high quality service, backed up by accreditation to the relevant standards. We are accredited to ISO 13485. Please feel free to read our quality policy below, or you can DOWNLOAD OUR QUALITY ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE (PDF, 436 kb).


Plasma Biotal Ltd. provides a sub-contract Thermal Coating service in the provision of hydroxyapatite and titanium coatings for orthopaedic and dental implant manufacturers. The company also designs, develops and manufactures other calcium phosphate based products for skeletal reconstructive surgeries that are innovative and quality assured.

Our policy commitment is to achieve total customer satisfaction and to meet or exceed the agreed requirements of our customers, including all legal and legislative standards. These requirements will be monitored and evaluated to ensure the implementation and upkeep of the system is fully meeting that commitment.

All staff will be trained to follow the standard operating procedures and to apply the quality operating procedures as a means of achieving management control of quality. There will be an annual training appraisal for all staff to identify training needs and improvement opportunities.

We shall aim to evolve our systems to achieve the Company’s philosophy of continual improvement of products and services.

Our objective is for Plasma Biotal Ltd. to represent total quality to our customers, suppliers and all personnel within the company.

Our approach is to create an environment where each individual has the opportunity to identify and implement improvements throughout the Company.

The implementation of this policy makes it essential for all personnel within the Company to accept individual responsibility in making this quality statement work to the continued benefit of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees alike.

All procedures contained in the Quality manual and its sub-tier documentation are mandatory, no deviation is permitted without prior written approval.