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CAPTAL ® Hydroxylapatite Coating

High-purity synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite (HA) is often used to coat orthopaedic implants. It is thermally stable in air to 1300⁰C, and retains a highly crystalline structure ater the coating process. Captal ® coatings have been proven to be highly bio-compatible in clinical use over a period of more than 15 years. Please contact us for a bibliography. We can provide a quotation if supplied with a sample or a drawing of the device. Please state the required turnaround time (e.g. 24-hour, 5-day or 10-day service) and estimated quantities of devices per year.

Textured Titanium Coating

The rough texture of the commercially pure (CP) titanium coating offered by Plasma Biotal Limited helps achieve improved anchorage compared to a device with a smooth finished surface. The surface roughness can be controlled to give a texture to suit various designs of implants, according to the design aims of the manufacturer.

Textured CP titanium can be offered on the following substrates:

   Titanium 318 (6Al/4V alloy)

Plasma Biotal Limited applies the titanium coating under an argon shield. The titanium is naturally passive, provided that the protective oxide layer present on the surface after exposure to air is not damaged.

A textured Ti coating;

Dual Coating - CP Titanium plus CAPTAL ® Hydroxylapatite

For cement-less fixation of orthopaedic implants, we offer a dual coating, comprising a base layer of CP Titanium with a thin layer of CAPTAL ® Hydroxylapatite ceramic applied afterwards. The effect of this dual coating encourages bony in-growth over the surface of the implant.

The rough finish, ~ 40 to 80 Ra, achieved by using the additional CP titanium coating, may reduce the need for expensive machining of the surface to produce a suitable surface topography on the implant.

Inspection and Analysis

With over 20 years experience, our highly skilled team of technicians carefully inspect all products throughout the coating process to ensure you receive only the highest quality orthopaedic coatings.

As part of our standard laboratory analysis, we can also perform the following tests, please contact us for further details, or if you would like to investigate the possibility of us performing other pharmacopœia tests for you.

   Density Tap Testing
   Angle of Repose
   Chrome-6 content
   Particle Size distribution
   Surface Roughness Measurements
   Calcination loss tests
   BET Surface Area Analysis
   HF/Nitric acid pickling

Our Inspection Laboratory;